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The Sarara Foundation is a Kenya based NPO working to support a long-term paradigm shift designed to catalyze a healthy, resilient and prosperous landscape in which both indigenous people and wildlife can thrive for multiple generations to come.

01 education

Developing and delivering best in class educational models, such as Montessori, to serve both nomadic and centralised communities: Providing additional adult vocational training and job placement.

02 Health & Nutrition

Our nomadic and domestic healthcare support is designed to focus specifically on delivering world-class paediatric and maternal care serving to underpin a safe & healthy state of being for Mother’s, newborns and children.

03 Renewables

We work with urban communities to develop sustainable, clean infrastructure solutions in energy, water and waste management.

04 Land planning and environmental policy

Integrating scientific research, data collection and government support to develop and implement strategic plans that support human development and biodiversity protection.

05 The Sarara Generation Centre

Sarara is in the process of creating a first of its kind, ultra-contemporary community campus designed to support cradle to career development through healthcare, education, arts and the celebration of the culture of the Samburu tribe.

We believe that genuinely lasting solutions can only be realised through supporting an entire generation from cradle to career.

Helping children and young adults develop into conscious global citizens capable of living healthy, happy lives is our way of bringing this vision to life.

Education on why the integrity of the soil matters, why climate change is real & why humans and wildlife must live side by side, in harmony, in perpetuity is at the centre of our ethos.