The Mission

The Sarara Foundation is working to protect the 850,000-acre Mathews Forest Range and provide cradle-to-career support for the Samburu community in Northern Kenya.

The Vision

Our vision is that indigenous communities in Northern Kenya continue to live alongside wildlife, retain and celebrate their unique cultural heritage and live sustainably and prosperously in a modern world for many generations to come.

The Landscape

Matthews Range, an 850,000-acre wildlife conservancy, contains a unique environmental combination of semi-arid desert and afro mountain rainforest. The mountain range is a critically important watershed for Northern Kenya. It is home to elephant, reticulated giraffe, hyena, kudu, lion, leopard, and roughly 18,000 ultra-traditional nomadic pastoralists.

The Challenge

Population pressure, rapid urbanization, land degradation and loss of keystone species are just some of the factors contributing to the global climate crisis and fueling poverty cycles in under resourced rural areas. Our long term goal is to be the paradigm shift that stops this from happening.